The challenge – to run a marathon at the North Pole

Why would anyone be mad enough to do such an extreme challenge?

  • Race Date : April 2015
  • Runner : Mike Shepherd

This is the challenge of a lifetime and it is the result of my daughter having ME since September 2008. I have seen firsthand how damaging ME can be to a person’s life, their prospects and their family.

In addition to my daughters condition, in October 2012 I had a heart scare that resulted in me having a pace maker fitted. This affected my fitness, training and outlook on life. When that sort of life changing event occurs we all take a good look at our lives and decide what is important to us. For me it was my family and I decided there and then to do something that would help all families who struggle with ME / CFS. This will make me the first person to run the North Pole marathon with a pace maker.

Lone Runner

Whilst I have run many half marathons I have found that marathons are a big stretch and so I have only done two so far. The first was the London Marathon in 2010 where I trapped a nerve in my hip at 18.5 miles and had to walk to the end, but at least I finished. The second was the Brighton Marathon in 2012. This one I ran all the way in 4 hours 33 minutes, but I was tired in a big way.

My aim in doing this outlandish North Pole marathon is to show the world that I am serious about raising money for the ME charity and hope that both people and companies will be as generous as I am extreme. The training alone is going to take a considerable amount of time out of my day. Please give as generously as you can. Every penny will help, but the pounds help even more.

The coolest marathon on earth!